A true village hero

This is the moment you’ve waiting for. The moment you’ve trained hard for. Blood, sweat and tears. You are almost at the top of the hill, only a few kilometers left. Those are ones you ride pure on character. You seem crazy, but you still go through with it.

After your legs are on fire and you’re completely out of breath, you let go of the steering wheel and lift your arms into the air. Eyes closed. You’ve won. The mountain part of the Tour de France. The polka-dat jersey is yours.


Steven Rooks

Steven Rooks wore the polka-dot jersy in the summer of 1988, after he won the mountain part of the Tour of France. With pride he returned home to Warmenhuizen (Holland) where the whole village awaited him at the local pub they turned into the polka-dotted pub* in honour of his victory. Here they celebrated together, especially for him. Now, 28 years later, the pub is still there and still with pride. Polka-dotted.

*Bolletjescafe  is presented by Rijksmuseum Amsterdam as one of the most special pubs in Holland.

Polka-dot beer

We brewed the cycling beer especially for you, based on the sweet cyclers beer (Radler). But you gave our cyclers beer challenges, boldness, result and flavour. A brew based on Kolsch. But in style of Session.

Thanks to Steven

Every year we organise our own polka-dot tour. Not in France, of course not, but in a village in the top of North Holland. Straight lines, kilometers along the dikes, approaching the end, turn right, cross the village, go left with the blow blowing straight at you, sweating and puffing you’ll go up to the dike again where you toss your bike aside and you celebrate you accomplishment with a heartfelt cheers.

Because this tour is organized for a non profit organisation, that way, everyone can enjoy the tour and the accomplishment tastes like gold.