Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways)



A dutch brand in front of the ‘polonaise’.

To generate attention for Dutch Railways (NS) newest loyalty program, where everything revolves around giving extra on top of the already magnificent Student Public Transport (which is ‘free’ for students). We improved the #treinleven (#trainlife) of 5 students tenfold where we created a unique costume to celebrate the Dutch carnival. A costume where you’re not alone, but with four of your best friends. This train costume was the most seen and shared costume of the carnival.

The strategy

We started by releasing a teaser video ad on Facebook and Instagram where we challenged everybody to put together their ultimate carnival costume by tagging their friends in the train costume. They could tag their friends on social media and on a special interactive website. By tagging they could win this train costume and a fully catered carnival. After a set amount of days, the winners were chosen at random.

With those winners, we went to Vudel; Hollands biggest, craziest and most fun Carnaval festival. There we followed the train costume with a camera teamto put together a legendary after movie. They partied all night long, people who wanted to be in a picture with them, they were called on stage by the artists and lead the ‘polonaise’ with roughly a honderd peopleAfter this great experience we brought them home by train. Ofcourse.

Fase 1

Teaser campaign were Dutch students could tag their friends in the train costume so they get to know the new program and possibly win a free carnival experience.

Fase 2

Filming the train costume in action, with the winners inside, on Hollands biggest carnival festival (Vudel). Seen by thousands of others.

Fase 3

Releasing the after movie of the carnival night with a CTA to sign up for the Dutch Railways’ new program, where everything revolves around giving extra to students.











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