Jesse van Maanen
Jesse van Maanen

Know who you get into your home.

If you leave for just a moment, that’s when I strike. I’ll change the position of your plants. The bookshelves are completely rearranged. And that iconic Eames chair tucked away in the corner? He deserves a better spot. I’ll change the direction of your lamps to light up places that matter and right before you return. I’m back at my spot on the couch. Visibly content with myself with a cheeky grin awaiting your reaction. 9 Out of 10 are surprised, pleased or confused.

Advertising for me means: purposefully changing someones surroundings. What medium I use is subject to discussion, always leaving my options open. Whether it’s physically someone’s surroundings, what they see, sound or a product depends on what I, you or the brand want(s) to communicate.

My name is Jesse van Maanen, they call me the poltergeist. I’m studying Advertising at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. I work together, both inside and outside the academy, with Thomas van Driel, as a creative team.

Creative Team
Design intern Duo Communicatie
Multimedia Design Mediacollege
Intern designer The Gardeners
Intern Designer Rdesign 
Intern Designer Hammerfest 
Designer Hammerfest
Founder Bolletjesbier 
Freelance Jesse van Maanen
Designer SuperYacht Times
Junior Creative Hammerfest 
Art Director SuperYacht Times
Freelance Creative Capitola
Jury operator ADCN Awards 
Project based creative Ogilvy 
Hackathon Young Dogs / 
Freelance Creative Hammerfest 
Creative intern The Gardeners
Freelance Creative The Gardeners
Creative intern Achtung!
Winner cat. online NRC Charity Awards
Albert Heijn Pitch 2019 Achtung!
Junior Creative Achtung!
Winner KPN Pitch 2019 Achtung!